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जून 5, 2009


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Question :  How to study ?

Answer : Most of the students do not know how to study. There is wrong impression in students that only reading book is enough for study. There are some particular methods of study, the same are stated as follows :

  1. There exists 3R formula for study, means – READ, REMEMBER & REPRODUCE.. This means 1. read repeatedly 2.Remember whatever read. 3. Whatever remembered must be written on paper. This is called study.
  2. There exists paragraphs. Derived summary of the paragraph. If the paragraph is of 10 to 12 lines, then the summary should be of 3 to 4 lines. If student adapts this line of study, then it will prove very useful for his final examination.
  3. If teacher intends to teach a particular lesson next day, the student must read it on previous day in advance, then he will be able to know the lesson very well in class. After having taught the lesson, the student need have read the lesson once again carefully and repeatedly. It is responsibility of the teacher that he should declare his intention that he would teach the particular lesson next day, so that student would prepare accordingly in advance. Moreover student also ask the teacher to teach the lesson. That is mutual responsibility.
  4. “Learn while teaching”. This is the best way of study. If we teach needy student of our class, then it derives lot of knowledge while teaching to the student. Thus we get double benefit that we teach the student and indirectly we study very well, because unless we clarify the subject, we wont be able to teach.
  5. This method of study is innovative one. At first two students must study at home in advance. Later, they should meet together, ask questions to each other, just like conducting test of each other. This method can give excellent result in examination. To study in short, it means study repeatedly. This is called revision. Indeed! There is no vision without revision. Student should always keep in mind about this and should never ignore revision.
  6.  My own system of study : Read a lesson carefully with full concentration once or twice till it is understood completely, then close your eyes, remember the lesson that you have read. The same method is also applicable in case of theoretical paragraph-matter as well as mathematical problem solving or any kind of subject you read. Alternatively, you can even go alone for a walk and perform the process of remembering while walking instead of keeping eyes closed.
  7. Another innovative method of study is as follows :

Let us consider following highlighted words in particular paragraph. i.e., The word shall represent whole paragraph. Consider the first or middle alphabet of highlighted word which shall represent the highlighted word followed by the paragraph. Thus one alphabet shall represent the paragraph.. If there are 8 paragraphs then there shall be 8 alphabets of the highlighted word that you have selected for the paragraph. Combine the 8 alphabets which shall form a word of 8 alphabets. Then it is very easy to remember one word carrying 8 alphabets. You can learn by heart (memorize) the word. Thus on knowing the related question in examination, your word will give you prompt solution and you can start writing paper in speed as you are well planned in accordance with this innovative method. Only theoretical matter can be done with this method.

For example : The 8 highlighted words of paragraphs  have been selected serially, as follows:



The 8 alphabetical word has now formed which is essential to memorize by heart is: UTSALEMC

If you remember the word UTSALEMC, your memory will get activated and you can write paragraph as follows:

 ‘U’ stands for RIGHT UNDERSTANDING and followed by the paragraph i.e., People should learn art of understanding each other as a human being ———————(continued whatever you remember about the paragraph contents)———-

The same process should be repeated for rest 7 alphabets. With this, you will not miss any of the eight paragraphs. Isn’t it?


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  1. Hi,

    This is a very good method of studing, the last trick is very useful in remembering and reproducing in the way you want to do!!!!!

    Thank you for this great article

    Ranjith Sutari

    टिप्पणी द्वारा Ranjith Sutari — जनवरी 6, 2010 @ 9:05 अपराह्न | प्रतिक्रिया

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