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मार्च 23, 2012

Annexure-I: Important Documents (Online)

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Annexure-I: Important Documents (Online)


Marxists Internet Archive


The Problem of Punjab’s Language and Script  (1923)

Blood Sprinkled on the Day of Holi Babbar Akalis on the Crucifix  (March 15, 1925)

Beware, Ye Bureaucracy  (December 18, 1928)

Letter to Shaheed Sukhdev  (April 5, 1929)

“The Red Pamphlet”  (April 8, 1929)

Joint Statement with B.K. Dutt  (June 6, 1929)

Hunger-strikers’ Demands  (June 24, 1929)

Letter to I.G. (Prisons), Punjab Mianwali Jail  (June 17, 1929)

Message to Punjab Students’ Conference  (October 19, 1929)

Statement Before the Lahore High Court Bench  (1930)

Regarding Suicide  (1930)

Reasons for Refusing to Attend the Court  (January, 1930)

Telegram on Lenin’s Death Anniversary  (January 21, 1930)

Hunger-Strikers’ Demands Reiterated  (January 28, 1930)

Regarding the LCC Ordinance  (May 2, 1930)

Statement of the Undefended Accused with J.N. Sanyal, B.K. Dutt, Dr. Gayal Prasad, and Kundan Lal  (May 5, 1930)

Letter to Jaidev Gupta  (July 24, 1930)

Justice Hilton Must Also Go  (June 25, 1930)

Letter to Father  (October 4, 1930)

Why I am an Atheist  (October 5, 1930)

Letter to B. K. Dutt  (November, 1930)

To Young Political Workers  (February 2, 1931)

Regarding Line of Defence In Hari Kishan’s Case  (June, 1931)

Last Petition  (1931)

Introduction to Dreamland  (Unknown)


“Bhagat Singh (1907-1931)” in MIA: Encyclopedia of Marxism, 23-03-2012,



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